Spot TV for Tradisons

Posted by Alexander Pivato Friday, August 28, 2009 0 comments

Cheap, simple and effective prodution to announce a show in TV

Jingle/Spot ICI

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Jingle in portuguese created by me and produced in DeffReclame/Brasil

Motor & Cia Video Report

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Video report (in brazilian portuguese) about Citröen Avant Legère and André Gustave Citröen for Ulbra TV channel. Research, script, interview, edition, off speach and musical research by me.

Menu Design

Posted by Alexander Pivato Wednesday, June 4, 2008 1 comments

This menu was made for an Indian/Hindu Restaurant. The material detail on the top left's cover was provided by the owner of the stablishment that had those acessories.

As the menu was supposed to be used specially at night, I've decided to give it a romantic look.

The insider pages could be changed at anytime as they need and were made with a paper free of chemical threatment.
The titles types were drawn by my own hands with a digital pen.
The text's lines like waves were designed to express the "let it flow" spirit of the indianfood's culture.

A Chef's suggestion also could be changed at anytime. Unfortunatly they've decided to print it in a white paper to save money. But, it works well too.

Arabian Night Poster

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Does the clients and customers always has no reason? Maybe, but this inspire us to be such a magical designers.

Here the indianfood restaurant's administration order an event's poster. That's okay. But, they also wanted to put in their special menu for that party.

My solution to avoid visual pollution was a "poster gate" that could be opened and reveal the list of foods. It was surprising how people start to play with the poster, calling much more attention then expected. The poster was a success, but most important was that the event succeed.